Friday, October 5, 2007

Cassel gives fair, skeptical review of Dean's new book

Elaine Cassel's closing remarks in her review of John Dean's new book are telling:
If the Democrats win the White House, gain a sixty-person majority in the Senate, and pick up more House seats, we will see if Dean is correct in his argument that Democrats will reinstate the processes necessary for good governing.
If you'd rather not bother to read the entire article, that sentence sums it up. Dean has scribbled yet another anti-conservative, anti-Republican book. As Cassel describes it, Dean blames Republicans for pretty much everything, including the common cold. Democrats can fix it all, of course. While it would have been nice for Cassel to take a stronger intellectual stand, she politely disagrees with Dean by offering three magic words sure to infuriate a whiny anti-conservative like Dean: we will see.

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