Thursday, October 4, 2007

John Dean Borrows from Nazi Propagandists

As a typical fox without grapes, John Dean demonstrates just how low anti-conservatives will stoop in his recent series of articles on FindLaw's Writ blog. First off, for a good chuckle compare the whitewashed version of Dean's bio with the real skinny on WikiPedia. How many useful idiots bother to investigate who Dean really is before slurping down his filth?

Now, sit back with a nice Chianti and read what Dean has to say about conservatives. Go ahead, read all three articles. Then ask yourself, at any point does Dean actually address conservative positions on any topic? No. Instead, Dean claims to "profile" conservatives with the help of modern psychoanalysis and anthropology "experts". His conclusion? In terms of evolution, conservatives are closer to apes than are further developed liberals.

Of course, in Part I he begins mildly, observing that conservatives are afflicted with a personality disorder tending towards authoritarianism. Now I don't have a PhD. in child psychology, but I've observed (and remember from my own childhood) that children tend to level that charge against anyone who doesn't let them have their own way, including teachers, parents, and babysitters. Seems to me that Part I is nothing more than a temper tantrum of a pseudo-intellectual. Note the complete absence of "authoritarian" personalities in the Democratic party...sure.

Part II is more sociological babble, but its very important to notice that the pseudo-scientific tone and analysis continues. Rather than view conservative thinking as a lineage of various philosophical ideas that draws free-willed persons into particular viewpoints, conservatism is portrayed as a social hierarchy with a will of its own. Much the way a National Geographic episode describes the functioning of dog packs or lion prides, Dean projects alpha male status upon conservative leaders, and everyone else is merely a follower controlled by instinct, not reason. Think I'm putting words in his mouth? Keep reading.

Part III reveals Dean's true message. Basically, guys like Newt are the silver backs, who "lord" over others by suggesting books to read? Wow, what an authoritarian! Suggesting books. Dean bends over backwards to fit a square peg into a round hole. But the message is clear. Conservatives are sub-human apes.

Dehumanizing your political opponents with pseudo-scientific theory is one of the lowest forms of political discourse. It was often used by the Nazis, who portrayed Jews and other minorities as rats and other vermin, developing a "scientific" explanation for Aryan superiority over other races. It is still used by radical Islamists to dehumanize non-Arab races. It appeals to the basest nature of humanity, and serves as a means to justify any and all atrocities. It also serves as an ego boost for those who just can't cut it. Given the biographical information offered up on WikiPedia, I think Dean's resort to this kind of argument speaks for itself.

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