Monday, October 29, 2007

Clueless Kolb Wants Murdering "Juveniles" Back on the Streets

In her recent article, Sherry Kolb demonstrates the buffoonery that so often results when an academic believes themselves qualified to comment on every subject under the sun.

First, she demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of juvenile justice by claiming there is a "paradox" in our justice system's treatment of teens. It is the usual liberal non-sense: teens are considered irresponsible when it comes to authority over their own abortions, piercings, driving, contracts, etc; but our "paradoxical" justice system holds them accountable for violent crime."

Given that Kolb is pro-abortion, perhaps she has never been a parent or like most liberals wasn't too interested in responsible parenting. In any case, most people that have responsibly raised a child know there is no paradox. The reason is simple: At a very early age children learn not to hurt others, but it takes much, much, much longer for them to learn not to hurt themselves. That is why we hold them accountable for vicious violence perpetrated on others: children know it is wrong. A 13 year old knows it is wrong to stab or shoot someone. He may not see the folly of getting a permanent Sponge Bob tattoo on his forehead.

Next, she implies we are inferior to other nations that believe in "rehabilitation" of the offenders. She provides absolutely no evidence that children who commit horrific crimes can be rehabilitated, nor that releasing such violent offenders is very safe. Would it be nice if we could reprogram all violent offenders, especially children, and turn them into safe people? Of course.

But Kolb provides absolutely no evidence that we have any such ability now, and promotes a policy that will get people killed
. What else would you expect from a pro-abortion liberal?

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